About Steve

Hello. Welcome to Steve Melvin Photography.

I have been taking photographs since I was a small boy and have always had a few cameras to hand. However, a much more serious interest in photography started in January 2003 when I enrolled on some night classes, primarily to improve the photographs I was taking of my young children. Little did I (or my wife!) know that these classes would lead to photography exploding to become a major hobby and semi-professional exercise over the subsequent years.

Having started out using 35mm film and then medium format film, I now exclusively use digital cameras in my work.

I love all different types of photography and like to try my hand at most things. However, the two areas I find myself spending more time on than any other are landscapes (particularly seascapes) and people - both formal studio-based portraits and candid shots.

Ultimately, photography is primarily a hobby for me. This allows me to enjoy it without the pressure of having to earn a living from it each day. By day I am a qualified actuary working in the beautiful city of York. So photography is very much a "spare time" activity.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions regarding my work. I'd be very glad to hear from you.


PS I gave up the pipe at the age of six, but still give the hat a go on special occasions!